What is a Single Phase Transformer? – Types, Structure, Main Parts

Hello friends, in today’s post, you will know what is a single-phase transformer and how many types of single-phase transformers are there, you are going to know about the structure of a single-phase transformer. If you want to know this then keep reading this article completely.

What is a single Phase Transformer?

what is a single-phase transformer-This type of transformer has a primary winding and a secondary winding. By giving one phase power supply in the primary winding, one phase power supply in secondary winding can be obtained in either the reverse or reverse form.

There are two types of a single-phase transformer-

(a) core format

(b) shell format

(a) core format transformer- In this transformer, L-shaped leaves are applied and the coil is almost around the iron core. A single magnetic path is formed in this type of transformer. The general arrangement of a phase-type transformer is shown in the figure below. There are two types of a single-phase transformer

What is a Single Phase Transformer?
What is a Single Phase Transformer?

In a phase core type transformer, the core is collected in a rectangular form.

(b) shell format transformer- E-shaped cores are used in this transformer. The central limb of the E core is made twice the width of the edge foot.

What is a Single Phase Transformer?

On this central foot, the primary and secondary coils are separated and placed or wrapped in a sandwich method. And in a typical transformer, the core surrounds the coil and the core is in the form of the English letter 8. There are two magnetic circuits in this type of transformer since in this transformer the core is applied in the form of a shell on the coil, so it is called a shell type transformer. In this type of transformer, the flux erosion is less, but this transformer is slightly heavier than the core type transformer.

The main parts of a single-phase transformer are:

(i) Core- The core in the transformer forms a magnetic path for the flux. Mainly in transformers ‘E’, ‘I’, ‘L’ and ‘U’ shaped laminated cores are used.

(ii) Winding- There are two types of windings in a transformer.

(1) primary winding And (2) secondary winding

Both windings are made of super enameled copper or aluminum wires. The number of turns in these coils depends on the transformer’s transform ratio and the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire used in the coils, the current carrying capacity of the transformer. The side of the transformer where the supply is provided is called the primary side and the side where the load is applied is called the secondary side.

(iii) Insulation- To insulate both the coils from each other and between the different layers of each coil a special type of insulated paper is used, such as Prasfan paper, Ladoride paper, special pressboard, fiber sheet, varnished paper, kraft paper, etc.

(iv) Tank- The part in which the transformer is kept is called the tank. This M.S. is Made of the sheet. For natural cooling, ventilation ducts are left in the tank for air circulation, while for oil cooling, hollow tubes are made on the outer surface of the tank. Transformer oil is filled in these tanks for cooling.

(v) Terminal box- The terminal ends of the primary and secondary coils are mounted on the terminals of the terminal box, the terminals are usually made of brass and the terminal plate is made of Bakelite sheet or some other insulating material. The terminal box is mounted on top of one of the sides of the tank.

(vi) Other goods- Apart from the above, some other accessories are also used for the proper operation of large power transformers, such as breather, book hole relay conservator tank, vent pipe and diaphragm, tape changer, etc.

Now you must have come to know what is a single-phase transformer, what are the types of single-phase transformers and the structure/construction of a single-phase transformer, you must have got the information about all these questions very well.

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