Explain different Type of traction system

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Any kind of fraction can not be perfect with all the characteristics, but each system has some different features and benefits. The traction system is mainly two types

1.Non Electrical traction system

2.Electrical traction system

1. Electric Traction System (non-electrical traction system)

Such a system in which electricity is not used is called a sideline traction system. This is of the following two types.

(A) Vapor Engine System

(B) Direct Internal Combustion Engine System

Type of traction system

 (A) Vapor Engine System

The first boiler is given to the vapor and the vapor engine which converts the heat to energy. It was the most used drive but it has gradually started to reduce the use because now the use of diesel and electrical engines has started increasing.

(B) Direct Internal Combustion Engine System

The use of this type of engine is used by road to reach passengers and accessories from one place to another. Its example – car, bus, and truck, etc.

 2. Electrical Traction System (Electrical Traction System)

Such a system in which electricity is used at any stage is called the electrical traunch system.

This is the following type

(a) Electric Drive Traction System

(B) Diesel-Electric Drive

(C) Internal combustion engine including electric drives

(D) Battery Drive

(A) Electric Drive Traction System

In this, the electric motor drive is supplied by the Shiropari Distribution System (SUPPLY). It is used in Dishar Section Category Motor or Single Fee AC category motor or 36 induction motors. In this, the train is carried out by organizing electrical energy by changing the train.

 (B) Diesel-Electric Drive Traction System 

In this, the diesel engine is combined with a District Section Generator and the speed of the diesel engine (RMP) is stable (Constant). Diesel Generator Set is run by train from electrical energy generated from the diesel generator set.

(C) Internal combustion engine including electric drives

In this type of system, the diesel engine is connected to a distinction generic and runs the engine at a similar speed, the train is run by the traded motor (electrical energy).

(D) Battery Drive 

In this type of conduction, the Dishar Section Motor is used to speed up the engine and the Dishar Section Motor is done by the supply accumulator Battery (Storage Battery) because the Battery Motor to supply electricity for a long time It is unable to be used, so the use of this system is done for the complete tasks such as the fulfillment load service, etc. Its speed is limited, even if the speed of this type of conduction and speed control mechanism is simple, due to its service period, it is also used for railway services. goes.

Now you may have known that type of traction system

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