What is a Magnet | Principle, Definition, Types

What is a Magnet What is a Magnet- The path that the magnetic force lines follow or generate is called a magnetic circuit. The magnetic material of the flux is usually made of soft iron in a closed circuit. In a magnetic circuit, like an electric circuit, instead of voltage, and resistance, magnetic carriers, flux … Read more

What is Condenser ? Types of Condenser and Principle

What is Condenser Condenser is defined as “when two plates (plates) are held apart by a conducting material and the means by which we can store electrical energy and when we need Then you can take work.   Working Principle of condenser Let in the given figure A connect the positive end of the battery … Read more

What is a Capacitor ? Types, Principle, Uses

What is a capacitor? Capacitor is a passive element that stores energy in the form of electrical charge. Like a small rechargeable battery, capacitor is charged and discharged in a very short time. Capacitor is called capacitor in Hindi and it is called also called condenser. The property of a capacitor to store electricity is … Read more

What is Kirchhoff’s Law | Definition, Examples, Diagrams

Kirchhoff's Law

In this article we will read about What is Kirchhoff’s Laws in the chapter on Physics. This rule is very important. What is Kirchhoff’s law? Questions are asked in class 10 and class 12 and also in other competitive exams. What is Kirchhoff’s law, first law is of current and second of voltage and when … Read more

What is Ohm’s Law ( Definition, Formula, Applications )

In this article we will read about What is Ohm’s Law in the chapter of Physics. This rule is very important. What is ohm’s law questions are asked in class 10 and class 12 and other competitive exams also. Today I will give you complete information about the important Ohm’s law of 10th and 12th … Read more

What is Resistance ? | Formula, Combination , Law

What is Resistance

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you What is Resistance, Definition of Resistance, Combination of Resistors, Effect of Temperature on Resistance, Laws of Resistance :If you also want to know, then keep reading this article completely. What is Resistance Definition – Resistance is the property of a material which opposes the flow of … Read more