What is triggering?, Edge triggering and Level triggering

Hello friends, in this article, I am going to tell you what is triggering?, the difference between edge triggering and level triggering, types of triggering. so let’s start

What is edge triggering?

A pulse that moves from ‘0’ to ‘1’ and back to ‘0’ is called a positive pulse. Similarly, if the pulse goes from ‘1’ to ‘0’ and comes back to 1′ then it is called a negative pulse. Each pulse has two edges
In a positive pulse, when the pulse moves from 0 to 1, it is called a positive edge or rising or leading edge, and when the pulse is from 1 to 0, it is called a negative edge or falling edge or trailing edge.

What is triggering

Similarly, a negative pulse has the opposite. If we take a positive pulse, we can categorize edge triggering into two parts

(i) Positive Edge Triggering
(ii) Negative Edge Triggering
When a flip-flop changes its state to a positive edge transition (i.e. when the class pulse is only from ‘0’ to ‘1’), it is called positive edge triggering. Similarly, if the flip-flop responds to the negative edge of the transition clock, then it is called negative edge triggering.
Edge triggering is done by capacitive coupling whose RC differentiator circuit is shown below

This circuit generates a spike when the input signal changes, so this circuit is placed between the clock input of the flip-flop. It is only when it is fully charged.

What is Level Triggering?

Level triggering uses two fixed levels, positive and negative. For any Pulse Triggered device to function, it is necessary to have the appropriate level. When a digital device is triggered at a positive level, it is called positive level triggering and when a digital device is triggered at a negative level, it is called negative level triggering.

What is triggering

For example, let the logic bit ‘1’ represent +2Volts and the logic ‘O’ bit as -2Volts then

What is triggering

Example- Level triggering is commonly used in SR flip-flops.
Its main drawback is that when the clock pulse is positive or negative, the flip-flop changes its state more than once, with changes in input.

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