Which factors should be taken care of for good lighting?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you what factors should be taken care of for good lighting, The need for a good illumination plan so let’s start

The need for a good illumination plan

Taking care of the illumination in our homes is an important topic in today’s time, if it is used properly while making illumination plans, then a great deal of electrical energy can be saved as well as how much illumination is required at a particular place. By doing this, the same light lighting is installed there, by doing this the light is visible well in the whole place.

The following factors are responsible for good lighting, which are described in detail below.

1.Level of Illumination
2.Uniform distribution of light
3.Color of light
5.Image (Shadow)
6.Space-height ratio
7.Color of walls and ceiling of the room

  1.Level of Illumination– The desired level of illumination is the basic requirement for a complete viewing of an object. Normal illumination levels can be calculated from the following expression.

good illumination plan
good illumination plan

2. Uniform Distribution of Light – The light on the illuminated surface should be symmetrically opposite so that it can be fully illuminated and the eye can see it conveniently and efficiently.

3. Color of Light – The color of an object depends to a large extent on the color of the light falling on it. Therefore, to maintain the natural color of an object, it is necessary to provide the color of light like natural light or daylight.

4.Glare – Direct glare is caused by direct light from the source of light falling directly on the eyes and reflected glare is due to some bright reflection of light falling on the eyes. Glare for the eyes is Very painful and harmful. Therefore it is necessary to protect the eyes from it.

5. Image (Shadow) – Image is produced due to any obstruction in front of the light source. If the obstruction is completely covering the source alone, then a complete image is obtained. Concentrated light sources produce dense and hard images, but large light sources produce light and soft images. There are soft and light reflective surfaces.

6. Space-Height Ratio – This is an important factor of good lighting and the uniform distribution of light depends on this factor. This ratio depends to a great extent on the type of light sources and the type of fittings, But it is also necessary to keep the minimum height of the fitting from the floor as the fitting can create a problem if the height is less.
7. Color of Wall and Ceiling of the Room – The reflection of light depends on the color of the wall and ceiling of the room. Light colors absorb less amount of light and white color absorbs the least amount of light.

Now you know that what are the factors to be taken care of for good lighting?, Need for a good illumination plan

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