What is Condenser ? Types of Condenser and Principle

What is Condenser

Condenser is defined as “when two plates (plates) are held apart by a conducting material and the means by which we can store electrical energy and when we need Then you can take work.


Working Principle of condenser

Let in the given figure A connect the positive end of the battery to the positive end of the switch and the negative end of the battery to the negative end of the switch. Then as soon as we turn on the switch, electrons will move for a moment and when the electrons move then we will see that some electrons will come out of plate A and plate A will become positively charged and when those electrons reach plate B and they will be negatively charged . The movement of electrons is to charge the plates, which later stop moving, then the voltage of the battery and the voltage of the condenser become equal. Now we can say that the condenser is charged and energy is stored in it. Now if the wire is removed from the battery and mixed together, then there will be a spark and this proves the presence of current in it.


Types of Condenser

There are three types of rights condensers

  • mica condenser
  • variable air container
  • Electrolytic Condenser

Mica Condenser

This type of condenser power is installed in radio circuits and where constant value condensers are required. The construction of this type of condenser consists of two very thin (paper-like) sheets of tin, which are quite long, insulating from each other by a thin sheet of mica or a thin sheet of paraffin. Wrap it all up. Connections are taken out from tin sheets only. More than two sheets are also sometimes installed, which are placed separately from each other and are connected in such a way that only two terminals remain outside.

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Variable Air Condenser

These types of condensers are used in radio receivers that serve to capture (i.e. for tuning) any type of transmission voice. In this type of condenser, some leaves are fixed in the form of a semi-circle on a single iron rod, which is called rotor. Some leaves are in the shape of a semi-circle in a fixed form, which is called a stator. Both of these are placed in such a way that the rotor can move freely between the stator. They remain separate from each other i.e. di-electric is the air. Its capacity keeps on increasing less and more due to coming out of the leaves (stator). A point is placed on the rotor, which tells the direction of rotation of the plates on the dial. The capacity of this type of condenser ranges from 0 to 500 uf.

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Electrolytic Condenser

It is a high-capacity condenser whose capacity can range from 10 to 100 uf. These condensers are also used for radio or electricity.

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