What is spot welding? – Its benefits and Uses

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What is spot welding?

Spot welding – In this type of welding, two or more metal pieces are tightened with screws between two pointed electrodes. Current is passed by placing the pointed electrode in a line.

What is spot welding?

Often thin metal sheets are used to fix the lap joint. It is a part of resistance welding, it is also called resistance point welding. In this, a step-down transformer is used. In this, the flow of current is focused on the Veldira site from the pointed electrode to produce a localized fusion. This fixed joint becomes a point joint when cooled by electrode pressure. It is mechanically strong, but not water and windproof. Time is changed according to the working volumes of different thicknesses by the timer control.

The junction faces between the electrodes and the workpiece are kept away from heating to prevent the electrodes from sticking. For this, the following measures are taken

(i) Use of water-cooled electrodes
(ii) Use of electrodes of materials having high electrical and thermal conductivity.

The electrodes are made of materials with high mechanical strength to protect the tip of the electrode from wear and tear. Efficient welding spots are created by the right combination of current, pressure, and welding time. The heat generated is proportional to the properties of the welding time and the square value of the current.

What is spot welding?

The value of the secondary voltage of transformer for welding is about 10 to 12 volts and the value of current can be around 1000 A to 10000 A. The job surface must be thoroughly cleaned before welding. That is, the place where the weld is to be done should be cleaned thoroughly. There is a weak weld at the rusted site. The thickness of the sheets to which they are attached is about 10 mm to 12 mm. If the seats do not have proper electrode pressure, the contact resistance can be high and welding can also produce spot arcs, and 1/50 second is suitable for sheets of 10 mm to 12 mm.

Advantages of Spot welding

  1. High-speed welding is done by spot welding.
  2. They reduce the cost of the welding process.
  3. Even a person with less skill can do this welding.
  4. This welding has high homogeneity.
  5. It does not cause distortion.
  6. Spot welding can also be done automatically.

Uses of Spot welding

Spot welding is often used in place of riveting to make Lap joints in metal sheets. Add this They are not airtight and waterproof, they only provide mechanical strength. Therefore, this welding is mostly used in the manufacture of bodies of trucks, tractors, buses, cars, scooters, motorcycles, etc.

Now you must know what is spot welding?, the benefits of spot welding, uses of spot welding.

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