What is Auto Transformer? Its advantages, disadvantages and uses

In today’s article, I am going to teach you What is Auto Transformer? And I am going to tell about the advantages and disadvantages of autotransformer and its use. If you also want to come, then keep reading this post completely, so let’s start.

What is Auto Transformer?

In an autotransformer (self transformer) only one coil is done on the laminated core. Some part of this coil is common in the primary and secondary coil. Its working principle is similar to that of two coil transformers. Due to being a coil, there is a saving of copper in this transformer. By this, a continuously variable output voltage can be obtained. In this transformer, the primary and secondary coils are not electrically isolated.

what is a autotransformer

Advantages of Auto Transformers

Following are the advantages of autotransformers

1. An output voltage of a continuously variable value is obtained from this transformer.

2. The self-transformer requires less copper, because of the difference between the secondary and primary current in one part of its coil (which is common to both primary and secondary)

3. The efficiency value of this transformer is high.

4. Works on good voltage regulation of autotransformer. Hence they are also used as regulating transformers.

Disadvantages of Auto Transformer

1. Its biggest drawback is the direct electrical connection between its primary and secondary. If high voltage is supplied to the primary, then there is a possibility of the voltage of the secondary circuit becoming dangerous in case of a fault in the coil.

2. Its reactance is low, due to which more value current flows in the coil in case of a short path.

3. When the transformation takes place at a very high voltage compared to the primary, it is necessary that both the coils are well insulated from each other from an electrical point of view. Such dough is not possible in a transformer.

use of autotransformer

1. Autotransformer regulators are used as transformers. Like controlling the speed of the wings.

2. They are used as a booster to increase the voltage in an alternating current feeder.

3. Used as a starter to drive an induction motor.

4. They are used for voltage control of power and lighting circuits.

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