Why is earthing needed? | Need for Earthing of Electrical Installation

Hello friends, today I will tell you why is Earthing needed and Need for Earthing of Electrical Installation: If you also want to know, keep reading this article thoroughly.

Need of earthing

why is Earthing needed: Earthing is required for protection against electric shocks or hazards. Suppose a wire comes in contact with an iron-clad electrical appliance in which the current is being eroded. In that case, humans and animals coming in connection with the Electricity located in that cover can cling to that device or become unconscious. Are or may die. If the equipment is connected to the earthing, then the current will try to pass quickly into the earth, and if the back wiring or line is overloaded, then excessive current will flow, and M.C.B. Will trip or fuse will blow. This type of wiring protects equipment as well as protects against human damage. Apart from this, the function of earthing is also to maintain the neutral wire at ground potential.

The need for earthing can be understood by the points given below.

1.Safety of human life – If current flows in an electrical device, then due to some reason, this current spreads in the entire body of that electrical device, in this condition if a person touches this body that person should know Electricity can happen and he can die
2. ‘Earthing’ is used to keep the voltage of the line constant.
3. Lightning arresters are used to protect the buildings from lightning, which causes lightning.
4. ‘Earthing’ protects the electrical machines running from an overhead line from sky lightning.

Need for Earthing of Electrical Installation

Indian Standard-Specific Number of Installation I.S.: 3043 – 1966 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 According to the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 metal sheathing in electrical installation, whole conduit in wiring, metal parts of electrical appliances, accessories and machines and other electrical such equipment whose exteriors are of metal must be connected by good earthing, so that the metal parts of the devices may not be subjected to dangerous voltage when the insulation is ever-present. This can result in a massive electric shock and damage to wiring or machinery due to incomplete grounding, as the earth leakage current passes through an undesired path at this time. If the metal parts of the equipment are well earthed, the charge (voltage) will be transferred to the ground immediately as the metal parts will come in direct contact with the live wire, and thus, the circuit will be broken. As the charge is discharged into the ground, the impedance of the current path decreases, and more current flows towards the ground; the moment the current rises to a limited value, the fuse in the circuit melts, and The supply of the equipment is turned off. In this way, earthing of metal parts of electrical equipment and equipment protects them and the workers.

Therefore, the metal parts of electrical equipment, machines must be entirely well connected with an earthing conductor. In conduit wiring, the ground wire must run along the conduit, the resistance of the ground wire from where the grounding is made to the machine or device to which the grounding is made, from 1 ohm Should not be more, while less than this is good, but the device or apparatus which takes more ampere load, the ground resistance should be 0 (zero) ohm (ohm).

Now you must have known that why earthing is needed?, Need for Earthing of Electrical Installation.

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