Advantage and Requirements of Power Factor Improvement

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Advantage of Power Factor Improvement

The advantages of power factor correction are as follows.

1. High power coefficient increases the kW capacity of machines like prime movers, alternators, transformers, etc.
2. Increasing the power factor reduces the line current, which reduces the line losses and also increases the efficiency and line efficiency of each plant.
3. Due to the high power factor, more powerful units can be produced by the same plant so that energy can be made available to the consumer at cheaper prices.
4. By increasing the power factor, the relative potential drop of the line is reduced, which improves the voltage regulation of the line.
5. Energy expenditure decreases in the electric system because the value of electric current decreases with increasing power factor in the electric system.
6. The power losses in the transformer, switchgear, etc., are reduced.
7. The electric load on the transformer, switchgear, etc., is less. The kW capacity of the electric power system increases. From which it can take an extra load.
8. The kVA rating of the generator decreases, and the load on it is less. Power factor improvement increases the efficiency of the machine and line.
9. Consumer’s kVA demand is less due to which his bill comes down.

Power Factor Improvement Requirements

1. Low power factor increases the cost of equipment used at generating and distribution stations.
2. Due to the low power factor, the potential regulation has a wrong effect, and it becomes difficult to maintain the potential within the prescribed limit.
3. The potential for losses in the line increases due to the low power factor. To reduce these loss potentials, larger size drivers are required, which makes the system costlier and increases the cost of the line.
4. Due to the low power factor, the equipment used and the efficiency of the line are also low.

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